• Fitted onto the window sash or frame or mounted on an overhead section.
  • Aluminum or plastic models.
  • Canopies and grilles give protection against ingress of rain and insects.

Trimvent ventilators

  • Deflect the incoming air in all directions.
  • Ventilator opening cannot be obstructed by the wall.
  • Market leading range for over thirty five years.

Trimvent Select ventilators

  • As Trimvent products but with the added unique feature of an adjustable
    tilting T-bar.
  • Allows building occupant to control both the direction and the amount of incoming air.

Slot dimensions

Slot sizes shown in the Details tables are for round ended slot, e.g. 6 7/8" + 13/16" + 6 7/8" x 9/16" refers to:

Fully detailed scale slot diagrams and dimensions for square ended slots available on request.

Holes can be drilled for certain vents but this will affect the free air size.

Product material specifications

Full product material specifications are available on request.

Airflow, acoustic properties and test standards

Airflow figures are available on request. There are many variables to consider in acoustic testing, please contact us for specific test figures on our range of trickle ventilators.

Titon test products to the latest international standards, full details on request.

All Titon products can be supplied with a 10 year guarantee on request.

Product Dimensions

All dimensions are given in inches unless stated otherwise. For more ventilator information see individual product sections.

Product dimensions are conversions from actual metric dimensions. More detailed sizing is recommended using a sample of the product.


Product drawings are available in CAD form to aid section design and application requirements.

Trimvent Select S13

TV Select S13

Trimvent ventilators